Local Weather

Hi my name is Sreeram

Today's weather is 83 F with winds of 7 mph.
Tommorow's weather is 80 F with winds of 9 mph also were expecting some scattered showers.
I think this weather will be perfect for staying inside and reading books.


Local police are still ivestagating a shooting that invloved a 15 year old boy and a 27 year old male
The 27-year old male is in stable condition while the 15 year old boy in crtical condition

Detroit police say : We are still invetgating but we do not have any leads yet. By : Detroit Police

Detriot police foud that a 17 year old boy had shot the 14 year boy and the 2y year old male.
The 17 year old male is now being charged with attempt to murder and murder.Theses chages might inidcate that the boy will be tried as an adult though this happenes in few cases.

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